2015 High Days Schedule

As a Grove, we have decided to celebrate Imbolc, Beltaine, Lughnasa and Samhain with a pastoral/hunter culture, such as the Celtic, in mind because they would have been celebrated as pastoral, animal/lunar cycles of the year.

The Equinox and Solstice celebrations are agrarian celebrations tied to the sun and growing cycles and will be observed with an agricultural culture, such as Germanic/Norse, in mind.


High Day Actual Date Observed
Imbolc February 1 TBD
Spring Equinox March 20 TBD
Beltaine May 1 TBD
Summer Solstice June 20 TBD
Lughnasadh August 1 TBD
Fall Equinox September 22 TBD
Samhain November 1 TBD
Yule December 21 TBD

Other Meetings and Celebrations

These times are subject to change. Please check our Yahoo Group for updates.

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